Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sparkle Lounge

After a disappointing snowmageddon, the Sparkle Lounge, celebrating 100 years since the birth of Ronald Reagan, commenced on February 2nd. Thanks to our hosts Ryan Hayes, Candice Barnes, and Sandra Serrant with music by the David Bach Consort. It was an awesome party! And now, the pics:

Engaging Affairs - Planners Sara and Christine

Planners - Alex Parre & Michelle Taylor-Spearman

JR Randels of Hargrove, still alive and kickin'

Michelle with our host Ryan Hayes

Guests Tom Trainor of Suburban Video, Heidi of AFR Furnishings, Meredith with Drape Kings, along with Amanda of DC Rentals

Cindy from Hargrove and Husband/Photographer Mike Busada with friend

Musician David Bach enjoyed his breaks

Actually, so did I with Michelle and Planner Norma McAuley

Here I am with Vanessa from Washingtonian Magazine

Wedding Wire founder Lee Wang, Fiance, and Mom

David Bach Consort rocked the house

Awesome Desserts

Patty Collette of Patty Cakes approve of the Desserts

I approve of Patty Cakes

Tom Trainor approves of Patty Collette

Your host Candice Barnes with Amanda from DC Rental

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