Friday, March 18, 2011

Reporting From The Ises REC!

If you missed the awesome Ises REC in Atlantic City, you have no memories of great education, over the top Luau and the North East Region's ROCK STARS. Here is the Rec through my eyes.

Board members President Denise, Heidi Burger & Gabi Kruger in class. (Why is Gabi on the phone? ;-p)

VP Kristin & Gabi (still on the phone)

Past President of the Boston Chapter Wendy Segal with Ray Bialek

David Fletcher, Rich & Robin Gordon & Heidi on break

Robin, Ray, David, & Heidi

Planner Joyce Mnkande, Sharon Meyers of National Conference Center, & Madam President

Snack break time with Ray & Gabi

V.P. Kristin Weingold with Ray Bialek

5 important people at the table

Michelle Hall from AFR with "Sir Andrew"

Wendy & Ray at the Luau


Rick Gordon likes his coconuts too :-)

Ray with Katie Gold from Boston

Millennium Band rocked the party!

Sharon ♥ Grey Goose

Past Presidents Wendy, Lori Hill, & Carol Nissenson

Green is good. Barbra Jo Saylor from Philly, Dave Fritz from Cort & Sharon

Had to get subs for the ride home from White House. You can't leave Atlantic City without them!

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