Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Freeze at the Torpedo Factory

What a great night to "FREEZE" & escape the heat at the Torpedo factory last night. Great music from Satin Doll and awesome vibrations & treats from a variety of caterers including Main Event Design Cuisine, Windows, & Bittersweet. John Farr lighting lit up the room while Michael Jassar's team at Marc Park took care of the autos. Participants from The Space to Place, Potomac Riverboat, Jackson 20, Westin Alexandria, Hilton Alexandria & Marc Center added to the hottest event of the summer!

Tom Trainor suburban video with Jannie Sears of Simply Chic

Alayna & Lyndsey from CSI capitol services

Patti Collette from Patty Cakes & 2 colleagues

Photographer John Drew with Olivia Russel of TPC Avenel and colleague

Planner Michelle Taylor Spearman & Charles Holt of TPC Avenel

Michelle & Thy Parra from Evoke

Ray Bialek can't resist 2 lovely ladies

Nancy Goodman of Main Event Carters & daughter

Tom & Joanie Rylander of Purple Onion Caterers

Planner Renee with husband John Farr & the star of the night Tara from Torpedo Factory

Ray & Joanie are best friends

Tom & Olivia are best buddies

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