Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blast From the Past. Bialek's Music presents Hot Shoppe Party 2012

Lakewood Country Club pulled out all the stops to send members and guests back 50 years to the Hot Shoppe hang out days with The Fabulous Hubcaps from Bialek's Music, Mighty Mo's, 
fries with gravy and root beer floats.

Mighty Mo  -  Yum!

Beth Albenez cuts the rug and hides Mike Eisenberg.

Jitterbug time with Steve and Judy Goozh.

Dancing machines Buddy and Nancy Weitzman.

Sharon & Howard Metro spinning around.

Orange Freeze & Brain Freeze.

Lorraine Allan of the Hubcaps.

Rickie Bialek with Jimmy Sherman.

Ray Bialek with Arlene Starnes (Junior High Buddies).

Hosts Bert and Etta Feldman.

Elvis is in the House.

Elvis is still in the House.

Rickie dancing with Marty Resnick.

Mark Weiss with Beth Albenez.

Rickie dancing with Paul Cantor.

Worth a 2nd picture.

Rickie with Sylvia Berman.

Rachel Gittens-Director of Catering, Adam Tepper and the Bar Tender from Lakewood Country Club.

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  1. Thanks for the photos
    what a great time by all.
    can't wait to go away with you and Rickie next month