Monday, January 5, 2015

Bialek's Music holiday party starting with lunch at Coastal Flats in Crown and ending at Amazing Art Studios. Year 36 was awesome and thank you clients and vendor partners.

                                                      Group photo at Coastal Flats

                                                          Masterpiece in the making.

                                               Taking a break to pose for the group picture.

                                                              Jill painting her mug.

                                                        Dave painting his new home.

                                Nicole painting her new tea set so Rickie can visit her for her tea party.

                                             Christian redesigning the Ironman's color schemes.

                                                     Dan is going to hate owls after this.

                                            Louise painting memorial for the Redskins 2014 season.

                                                        I rather be at the golf course.

                                                Kyle following his grandfather's footsteps.

                                               Selling this on Ebay at the minimum bid of 50 cents.